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    WITHOUT GETTING WET!!!Explore the underwater world of the red sea.
    Young and old alike will enjoy this wonderful opportunity to observe and learn about the remarkable varieties of fish and coral in the nature habitat. Now, it's time to discover the undiscovered red sea! The vessel does not submerge. You descend into the hull of the vessel and sit in air-conditioned comfort five feet below the surface, observing underwater gardens, coral reefs and colorful fish through large, clear glass windows.The trip lasts 1:30 hours. At any time you can take a break and go on board to enjoy some sun.Trip available everyday "Trip insured"

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    It's the perfect family activity!

    you will see the stunning sea life and colorful fish - so close you'll fell as if you can just out and touch them. the semi-submarines is an ideal activity for children, who love fish from close by. they will enjoy spectacular view with maximum safety behind the boat's glass window.

    Families, friends and colleagues can share and seining you on same time you've on board enjoying the trip through our IP Cam on each semi-submarines, family just open "Live Video" from bar link and choose your vessel name to be on board with you.


The Coral remains above sea level all the times and accommodates up to 36 passengers comfortably in its air-conditioned hull, which sits 5 feet below the surface.
Huge glass windows provide spectacular view of the different varieties of corals and fish of the Red Sea. In fact, the fish come right up to your window, making it easy to snap that memorable photo. The tour is ideal for the entire family. No scuba or snorkel gear in needed, you will remain dry at all times. The Coral is full air-conditioned and full insured (transfer & trip)




Length over All 17M.80CM

Capacity:36 seats x 6 trips per day=216seats per day 

8:00 10:00 11:30 13:00 14:00 15:30




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