Go for an unforgettable experience to explore the amazing underwater world of the Red Sea without getting wet. This is a wonderful experience for anyone to enjoy viewing the remarkable various species of fish and coral reefs in the nature habitat. You will cruise along the reef and view the corals from very close.

The trip runs every day and lasts 1hr 30 minutes.

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About us

United submarines is the second largest submarine company in the world and the largest in the Middle East.
All Egyptian in united submarines based in Sharm EL Sheikh. United submarines offers the best opportunity to explore the underwater world of the red sea. In the safety and comfort of our 5 semi submarines which run daily, visitors can learn and experience firsthand the amazing marine life of the area.

United Submarines is the leading integrated Sea Trips provider in the Sharm El Sheikh region and operates an extensive network throughout Egypt, and worldwide contractors delivering seamless, end to end, local, regional Tourist Sea trips and semi Submarines trips in the red sea Sharm In Egypt Sharm el Sheikh United Submarines should operate a suite of world class travel services based on sea Trips providing travel and touring’s supply chain solutions to Sea trip and semi Submarines business.

United Submarines’ operational scope, supported by leading edge technology, covers Red sea Trips and transportation’s haul. These services are delivered through extensive metropolitan and regional distribution networks.

In Egypt and Sharm El sheikh United Submarines has an exceptional presence and scale across some of the world’s biggest and fastest growing Travel service agencies with an excellent customer base, asset light structure and a sound platform for growth.

United Submarines operates one of the most extensive supply chain and in-country physical distribution networks in Sharm Elsheikh Egypt, with operations throughout the region and the world With a daily customer base of more than 1340 guests, United Submarines services businesses across the Semi Submarines and Sea trips sector

United Submarines delivers for many of the world’s best-known Travel agents including Thomson, Tui, Nekerman, Pegas, Tez, Intourist, Seti First and almost the national and international travel agencies and Travel services offices. In addition, United Submarines operates Sharm El Sheikh’s premier Semi Submarines as well as, supporting companies involved in Tourism and travel Sectors exploration and production.

In partnership with Tourism experts and major travel agents players, the company also provides specialised logistics services for it is own customers including Transportations, meet and assist and on Board guest guidance. The team at United Submarines Sharm El Sheikh Egypt is proud to deliver you service across the entire supply chain.

As Sharm El Sheikh’s largest Sea Trip Provider and Semi Submarines company, we now bring Information Technology to deliver worldwide our Partner Travel agencies, tourist services, local and international travel services bureaus integrated booking services. United Submarines Sharm El Sheikh provides an unequaled Services and Sea Trip supported by channels for Distribution through a comprehensive network

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