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The Blockchain Immutability Myth

User information is safely kept on-device and protected from centralized cloud platforms that can violate privacy and security. Start-up Sirin Labs has plans of its own for a $1,000 blockchain-based phone called Finney, which it expects to release before November. “Selling it in crypto only and being the first to do so means we are […]

Обсуждение сайта и отзывы Tokenexus Net

Представители Changelly могут запросить дополнительные данные для подтверждения происхождения средств клиента. В положительных комментариях обменник хвалят за удобное мобильное приложение. Поиск Работы по любой ПрофессииИщите работу на специализированном сайте Агрегатор вакансий от работодателей России и СНГ с актуальной базой данных предложений работы в форме объявлений с вакансиями. Переходите на страницу “Найти работу по вакансиям на […]

Reeward Io Unveils Multiverse Quests

Their partnership with Unity should help drive them towards one of their goals, which is the creation of actual games on the blockchain, ENJIN will need one blockbuster game and this will help drive further adoption of the Enjin Coin. Nothing is proven yet, but the project does look to have a bright future. Enjin […]

5 People Who Became Millionaires From Bitcoin

This leaves less than three million that have yet to be introduced into circulation. In fact, there are only 21 million bitcoins that can be mined in total. The system supposedly under threat from Bitcoin and the other so-called bank killers is instead assimilating them. The coins that emerge maybe won’t even use blockchains, […]

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